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How to Fit

Follow the instructions below for first time use only.
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  1. Place your ShouldersBack on a flat surface, laid out like the diagram above. The Velcro should be sewn onto the back panel on the side facing away from you.
  2. Fasten the end on the upper suspender strap to the free end of the lower suspender strap. Repeat for the other suspender strap.
  3. Unfasten the chest strap, leaving the ends hanging loose.
  4. Put your ShouldersBack on, one arm at a time, like a vest, keeping the Velcro straps on the outside of the back panel.
  5. Pull the chest straps around and fasten them at a comfortable tension and position that allows you to breathe normally. The chest strap does not have to be tight or binding for ShouldersBack to work properly.
  6. Adjust the length of the suspender straps so that they gently pull your shoulders back into the correct position. Adjust the length to increase or decrease the tension to the desired corrective force.
  7. Correct positioning of the suspender straps is essential to effectively using your ShouldersBack. Position the straps at an angle across the front of your shoulder. Change the angle, moving the strap either toward or away from your chest, until the strap moves your shoulder into the desired position.
  8. To remove, do not unfasten the suspender straps. Simply unfasten the chest strap, take it off like a vest, and your ShouldersBack will be ready for the next time you use it!
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